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   'Familia Threads', Solo Exhibit:  
* Ruth Upjohn Gallery, Womens' Art Association of Canada,Toronto, ON.
February 10 to March 2, 2020.
* Kawartha Art Gallery, Lindsay, ON. 
September 10 to October 12, 2019.

  A thematic focus encompasses multi-layered relationships between family members. The duality of a loyal, close-knit unit that is also a distant, somewhat dysfunctional household community is explored. Family relationships within the context of matriarchy, filial piety, and sibling bonds are explored in this portraiture series. Themes of individual self within the group and memories coloured over time thread throughout the compositions.

  The work includes acrylic paintings, photo silkscreen mixed media work, and black and white gelatin silver photographs with collage elements. Materials have been specifically selected and used for symbolic representation and are integrated with figurative imagery. My intention was to bring together a portraiture project that I had been working with over the past ten years.

  Visual narratives of matriarchy and femininity, of bonds between sibling sisters, of conformity and individuality, of filial piety towards parents, and of the cycle of aging are expressed. Each family member is like an individual filament that when twisted together with other individual filaments become a thread.  The thread is a bond that ‘runs through the story’; that ‘binds people together’ and that ‘interweaves to avoid obstacles’. The thread moves through conversations and at the same time holds the space of silence between words together. Sometimes this Familia Thread leaves us ‘hanging’.

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