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Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival 2019


Women's Art Association of Canada Members

A select group of photographers from WAAC explore their perceptions of beauty. Beauty is a quality that captivates the spirit.  It is a personal moment that the artists see and feel individually. They have a profound need to capture that moment. In this exhibition, the artists break stereotypical boundaries by finding beauty in the most obscure places. Journey with them through the unique vision of 13 diverse photographers.

Karen Buck-Mackintosh's  ‘Obsolescere’ series  documents the rapid loss of rural barn architecture in her neighbourhood. “Barn” originates from the 1600’s Old English “bere” (barley) and “ern” (place), a place for storing barley. By 1856 it took on the definition of “a building for storing hay and grain, also stabling”. The evolution of farming in Upper Canada over the decades has changed to the extent that these hand-constructed buildings have fallen into disuse, decay and ruin. Some collapsed by weather and storm, some dismantled piecemeal for profit. Made obsolete in our time by the development of the science of agriculture and technology.

Shot on Kodak TMAX film with a Nikon F6 35 mm SLR camera.

Printed on gelatin silver fibre based paper.

Obsolecere, Beaverton
Obsolecere, Brechin
Obsolecere, Hwy 15 Inside Out_edited.jpg

Karen Buck-Mackintosh's cyanotype compositions incorporate a decades old cedar rail fence as a symbol of a framed boundary device. It creates the sense of security of keeping in, and/or keeping out. The balance of spatial expansiveness and foreground containment is edged with the gestural application of the light sensitive iron salt emulsion. The seasonal blue shadows of snow are captured through the cyanotype process; photographed in winter and contacted printed on BFK Rives paper under the ultraviolet light of the summer sun.

Snake Rail 15.jpg
Snake Rail 16_edited.jpg
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